• K8UO 147.180 (FM)
  • 100Hz CTCSS
  • EchoLink - 138310
  • K8UO 444.775 (C4FM)
  • System Fusion
The Utica Shelby Emergency Communications Association's claim to fame is our repeater system. Our repeater is known as the "friendliest repeater in town", and can be found on 147.180 MHz. The input offset is +600kHz, and a 100 Hz PL tone is required for access. The repeater also emits a 100 Hz tone when it is keyed up, so you can squelch out repeater IDs and announcements by using CTCSS. The main repeater is located at the historic Packard Proving Grounds in the center of Shelby Township, between 22 & 23 Mile Roads on Van Dyke. The antenna is up about 130 feet on the landmark water tower (~1000ft above sea level) and the system has undergone a complete rebuild since our relocation from our Messina Trucking site (due to the destruction of their tower by the windstorms of February 2016). The repeater system has three remote receive sites (Romeo, Detroit, & Mt Clemens) and, of course, the main receiver in Shelby Township. The repeater is also available via EchoLink at 138310.

There's also a backup repeater located at McClaren Hospital in Mt Clemens with back-up power in case the primary fails or loses power. This is the USECA Fusion repeater operating at a frequency of 444.775 Mhz. This repeater is in permanent C4FM System Fusion operation and a Fusion capable radio is required for access.

Several USECA nets are run on the K8UO repeater.