• K8UO 147.180
  • 100Hz CTCSS

  • K8UO 444.775 (Fusion)
  • 123Hz Analog Access
Sunday USECA International Information Net Preamble

At 12:59pm local time, make the following announcement:

All stations please stand by for commencement of the USECA Sunday Afternoon International Information Net, beginning in sixty seconds. This is (your callsign).

At 1:00pm local time, begin the net with the following preamble:

Good afternoon and welcome to the USECA two-meter repeater. It's One O'clock and time for the USECA Sunday Afternoon International Information Net . This net meets every Sunday afternoon at One O'clock pm local time on this repeater. The purpose of this net is to gather and disseminate news and information of interest to the ham community.

My callsign is (your callsign), my name is (your name) and I will be your net control operator this afternoon. You need not be a member of the USECA organization to participate in this net; in fact, any licensed radio amateur is welcome to join us. Scanner and short-wave listeners are also encouraged to listen in.

The USECA repeater is located in Shelby Township, Michigan; with satellite receive sites located across the greater metropolitan Detroit area. This system requires 100Hz CTCSS (P.L.) tone for access. Please set your transmitter to encode a 100Hz tone before checking in.

This is a directed net, and all activity must be conducted through Net Control. I will begin taking check-ins in just a moment, but first I will ask that when checking in you give your callsign slowly, and give me your first name for the log.

I will now take check-ins from any mobile or portable stations. Mobile and portable stations only please, call Net Control now.

Acknowledge any stations.

I will now include check-ins from fixed stations as well. Any fixed, mobile or portable stations please call Net Control now.

Acknowledge any stations.

Go through list of stations.
Go back to the top of the list for a 73 or 'second round' of check-ins.

Net control and the USECA organization thanks each of you for checking in letting us know how your ham radio day has been going this afternoon. I now declare this net closed at (state the time), and release this repeater to regular Amateur usage. 73, this is (your callsign).

***NCO's note ***

The Sunday International Information Net is a more 'free form' type of net, and this script does NOT need to be strictly followed . some new NCO's felt they needed a script to get started. Feel free to add your own 'style' to the net!

  • All words in bold are script to be read.
  • Also, remember to take short time/portables first, followed by mobile, then take fixed stations last.